Stephanie Ganske, RN, and Clinical Aesthetics

Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery partners with Stephanie Ganske, RN. Stephanie is the owner of Clinical Aesthetics, located in Windsor Heights, Iowa. Ms. Ganske is the premier permanent makeup artist and electrologist in Des Moines and, indeed, all of Iowa.

Stephanie has developed a unique skill set, the result of over two decades spent working in plastic surgery and dermatology offices. Ms. Ganske has the technical knowledge of an experienced and licensed medical professional, the deft touch of a skilled craftsman, and the vision of an artist.

In addition to the permanent makeup and electrology performed at her Clinical Aesthetics office, Ms. Ganske performs a number of procedures on-site at the Bergman Folkers office: ZO Skin Health products, laser treatment(s), Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and more.

To schedule an appointment or consultation with Stephanie Ganske, RN, please call (515) 222-1111.

Clinical Aesthetics

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