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Breast Implant Removal

Very rarely an implant needs to be removed. In the event of a traumatic injury and a rupture occurs, both Dr. Bergman and Dr. Folkers are equipped to make this stressful situation a smooth transition into your new implants. Even though this is a surgical procedure the recovery time is very quick and associated with very little discomfort.

Breast Augmentation

During the breast augmentation surgery an incision is placed in a hidden area near the breast or in the axilla. A breast implant, either silicone gel or saline, is placed into a pocket created behind the breast tissue.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer can be traumatic, particularly if it requires a mastectomy, or removal of a breast. By using your own body tissue or implants, your breast can be reconstructed close in form at the time  of a mastectomy.  The “Doctors” can recreate the appearance to your natural breast and beyond.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is performed to provide the patient with a smaller breast size and a more attractive contour that better matches their overall body structure.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is performed to provide an elevated, more youthful contour and positioning of the breasts and nipples. In addition, the areolas (pigmented area surrounding the nipples) may also be reduced in size.

Breast Lift with Implant

Breast augmentation can enhance the shape and increase the size of your breasts. However, it is important to understand that implants alone may not adequately lift the breasts or correct the effects of pregnancy, weight loss or skin stretching. A lift can be done in conjunction with an implant to create a more youthful breast.

Implant Exchange

Breast implants are not considered “lifetime” devices and may be exchanged when patients desire to achieve a different look or different size with their breasts.

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