Otoplasty procedure: potential candidates for improved ears

Some individuals who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears may consider undergoing otoplasty procedure to improve them. Individuals with disproportionate, deformed, or protruding ears may benefit from this procedure also. Below are some possible candidates for the procedure.

  • Healthy children or adults, especially those without recurring ear infections or any life-threatening illnesses
  • Children at an age whose ear cartilage is firm enough to handle surgery
  • Individuals who can follow simple instructions
  • Kids who are eager to undergo treatment and can clearly communicate exactly what they feel
  • Adults who are non-smokers
  • Anyone who is set on correcting their misshapen ears

Undergoing otoplasty procedure is a sure way to correct unsightly ear problems. If you are considering this kind of procedure to boost your self-confidence, the Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery team in Des Moines can help. Book an appointment with us today by calling (515) 222-1111.

Plastic surgeon in OKC provides confidence to patients

A highly respected plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City believes that patients involved in accidents or suffering from an illness tend to feel better after surgery. Once they go through reconstructive or aesthetic surgery, their confidence boosts, according to an article of NewsOK.

According to Doctor Anureet Bajaj, giving a truthful assessment regarding a particular procedure is the responsibility of a good surgeon. Dr. Bajaj is known for conducting microvascular breast reconstruction procedure. She decided to specialize in the reconstructive procedure because it helps cancer patients cope with their conditions. However, the doctor also offers several other plastic surgery services. In addition, she says procedures are for people who desire to feel better about their looks, not just those suffering from an illness.

In Des Moines, the expert team at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery helps people who want to bring back their confidence. Undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive procedures can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem. Find out how we can help you improve or restore your natural look today by calling (515) 222-1111.

Breast lift procedure: why do women consider them?

A breast lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure intended to improve or restore the physical appearance of breasts. Below are the usual reasons why women consider undergoing a breast lift procedure:

    • Women who give birth may later consider a breast lift as their breasts begin to droop.
    • A breast lift is worth considering for women who have lost a lot of weight and have excess skin.
    • Older women who want to boost their self-confidence by bringing back the youthful look of their breasts may consider a breast lift. The procedure improves the appearance of the areolas and nipples.

Generally, women who are unhappy with the whole appearance of their breasts can ask their doctor about undergoing the procedure. A breast lift can also pair with breast implant procedures to make the breasts more appealing.

If you want to know more about breast lift procedure and how it may increase your self-confidence, schedule an appointment with the Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery team in Des Moines. Find out how we may help you restore your youthful look today by calling (515) 222-1111.

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